Yoga for increasing Height of Kids (11 to 18 yrs.)
Dear Friends, As promised few days...
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Beginner’s Workout for my Client’s
Dear Client’s, Here is an approx....
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Brahma Mudra to prevent Hypothyroidism..
Watch this video Brahma mudra....
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Nutritional guidelines for Hypothyroid
Hi, Learn about Nutritional guidelines...
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Wanna just loose weight or Have Complete Health with Weight Loss..
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Home remedy for giddiness
As per Ayurveda, the commonest...
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Home remedies for mouth ulcers
Before understanding the remedy...
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ABC…. of Nutrition (Article 3)
From the previous article, we now...
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ABC…. of Nutrition (Article 2)
What is Nutrition ? From the previous...
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Wheat roti vs. Bhakri 
In my practice, I am observing...
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