Diet Open Bread Sandwich Recipe


●1 Slice Bread (medium size).

● Green Chutney.

● Lots of Vegetables.

● Ghee / Makhan in small portion.

● Recipe: Take 1 Slice of bread. Apply a little butter or ghee and then apply green chutney. Then add layers of different veggies like lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrots etc.Now, to cover it, instead of a bread slice, take one cabbage or lettuce leaf. Apply chutney and cover the veggies with the leaf. Low carb sandwich is ready. One can toast it or just have it raw.


1. To Keep it low on calories, have any one fat, either ghee Or makhan Or mayo Or butter Or cheese. Avoid having all fats together.

2. Avoid high-starch veggies like potatoes, patties, corn, green peas, raw bananas etc.

3. Cut the Sandwich into more pieces, which means instead of 6 pieces make 9 or 12 pieces. This will take longer time to eat and by that time one can get the feeling of satiety. 🙂

So, enjoy the sandwich and at the same time reduce the weight also. 🙂

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