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Dr. Mansi Pujara

Ayurveda Consultant, Clinical Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor.

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Dr. Mansi Pujara

Consult Us To Achieve Good Health through Ayurveda & Lead A Healthier lifestyle through Diet, Nutrition & Yoga.

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“Hello, I thought that it would be very difficult for me to lost weight, but when I got in touch with Dr. Mansi things just turned out to be so positive. I was around 104kgs when I started my journey with the guidance of Dr. Mansi, now after 4 months I have lost around 14kgs and now I weigh 90kgs. All thanks to Dr. Mansi for her knowledge and the guidance she gives. I would like to tell you guys that her diet plans are not boring at all. According to the physical activity and work, she gives very attractive and balanced diet plan which helps me feel motivated towards living a healthy life. Thank you so much Dr. Mansi for guiding and transforming me.”
- Rita Shah
“Hello This is Amit Shah. I came in contact with Dr. Mansi through 1 of my wife’s friend who had already consulted her. Initially I used to weight 104kg and had sugar and blood pressure problem from 4 years and was on medicine. I consulted Dr. Mansi online on 25th October and started my diet from 26th October. I have lost 11 kgs in span of 43 days and every one including me are surprised looking at the result. Also my sugar which was very high came in control with her therapeutic diet. She just gives simple home made diet according to our likes which she changes every week and 1 hour walk daily plus 15min walk after lunch and dinner. Thanks a lot Madam for this amazing transformation and continues support and motivation. 10kgs gone and next target of another 10kgs to loose and achieve our target of 85 kgs..”
- Amit Shah
“Thanks for your Guidance and Motivation which made this possible to reduce 10 kg in 3 months. I was facing plateau after reducing 10 kg but your tips helped me lot to achieve …. Your diet is simple to follow which makes things easy , so cheats are minimal, also Brisk walking has helped me lot. Overall combination of proper diet and exercise has shown results..”
- Sandip Modi
“After trying everything to loose my post pregnancy fat for 6 years I finally turned to mansi who made me do it in 3 months. A desi diet tht keeps you full is what you can except.these three months helped me understand food, portion size and my body too. Thnku mansi for the love n Guidance.”
- Padmaja bhalavat

3 months program with Dr. Mansi's Wellness Clinic

Start working on your body today, and with our individual fitness program, already in 90 days, you will see a totally different girl in the mirror!


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