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ABC…. of Nutrition (Article 1)

Is there a need for NUTRITION ??????

In our day to day life, we see many people eating whatever they like to eat. There is no fixed diet routine. They eat home cooked food, but very often eat outside food, fried food, junk food….there is no thought process involved while eating. It’s like

Jo mila woh kha liya
Jo mann kiya kha liya

Point is that after having such a schedule, they are still healthy and don’t suffer from any major illness. So the question that arises is “if we can eat anything and everything and still remain healthy, then is there any need for NUTRITION ???? “

But after observing them closely, I have found out that though they are healthy, they wanted to change some or the other aspect about them. Like:
To increase stamina and endurance
To improve sleep
Better immunity
Better skin, hair and nails
To gain muscles
Loose extra weight
Kids want to improve their physique to get selected at state or national level
Prevent diseases/ailments which their elders in the family had…..and so on..

And here comes the answer…

There is a need for Nutrition, for those who really wanna change and achieve that small, but important goal in their life.

As per Yoga, our personality is made up of 5 sheaths, i.e. Panchakosha, namely,
Annamaya Kosha
Pranamaya kosha
Manomaya kosha
Vijnanmaya kosha
Anandmaya kosha

To reach the last sheath, I.e. Anandmaya kosha or Bliss sheath, we need to first purify our first sheath which is FOOD sheath.Thus, nutrition or food, not only helps us make changes at body or physique level, but also helps us achieve bliss and peace. We need proper nutrition or Sattvik Anna and hence this well known saying..

Jaisa Anna, waisa MANN !!!!!

In ABC…. of Nutrition, I will be explaining the basics of nutrition and dietetics from all three perspectives: Ayurveda, Yoga and modern Nutrition.

Further articles to follow in this series of ABC.. of Nutrition.. Keep reading..

All the best !!

Dr. Mansi Pujara

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