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  1. Pranvi Bisen (Netherlands)

    I have been trying to lose weight since the past one year with no succes but with Dr Mansi’s guidance I managed to lose 9.5kgs in a span of 2.5 months. She has been extremely motivating and supportive and would always come up with alternative suggestions as I am a picky eater. She has been very patient with my questions and taught me how to make this a part of my lifestyle. She also teaches tricks to have cheat meals and not gain weight which for me was the best part about the journey.

  2. I took diet consultation from Dr mansi pujara. By strictly following the diet schedule advised by her & other instructions such as regular walk I lost 10 kg weight within 4 months & that too without any side effect. Earlier, the idea of dieting itself scared me because i am a big time foodie but then with the healthy food recommendation and new food items every coming week it became fun to follow the diet. Not even once i felt hungry. The diet is healthy and helps you to reach your weight loss goal gradually. A very satisfying experience.

  3. I had an amazing experience working with you.there were many diet plans but the plan you suggested me worked perfectly for me.i reduced 10kgs in 75days.this wouldn’t be possible without your guidance and efforts.

  4. Dr Mansi has helped me lose 10kg over the span of 3 months. I signed up not knowing what the outcome would be but I can say for a fact I’m absolutely grateful. She provided a unique combination of simple recipes, workout routines and daily follow-ups which helped me achieve this milestone. The drastic enhancement of not only my physical but also mental well-being was also incredible! This would definitely not be possible without her guidance, looking forward to more progress in the future!!

  5. I have lost 12 kgs in approx 4 months, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mansi Pujara for her continuous guidance and motivation helping me achieve my weight goal. Daily weight check update and regular feedback from her has played a crucial role in this weight & fat loss journey.
    Many Thanks Dr. Mansi

  6. I m really happy to share my weight loss experience
    I lost 9 kg in 3 months all because of excellent guidance of Dr Mansi . Her diet chart n guidance helped me immensely in my weight loss journey.
    From 10 year’s was trying to lose weight but was not happening. All thanks to mansi ma’am for guiding me n helping me in achieving my goal.

  7. I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have achieved under the guidance of Dr Mansi pujara. She is an incredible nutritionist who guided me on a transformative journey. It is impressive how under her expertise and guidance I easily manage to shed impressive of 10.5 kgs just under 70 days. She has the ability to design the tailor plan that suited my lifestyle, combine with her constant motivation made the process not only manageable but enjoyable. Her expertise is truly remarkable and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking positive lasting change in their health and well being.

  8. I am incredibly grateful for the life-changing guidance and support I received from Dr Mansi. Working with her has been a transformative experience that extended far beyond just a diet plan. Dr Mansi helped me understand not only what to eat but also why certain foods are essential for my well-being.

    The approach is truly holistic and educational. With patience and clarity, Dr Mansi walked me through the science behind various nutrients, helping me grasp the impact of my food choices on my body and overall health. This knowledge empowered me to make informed decisions about my meals, and I now have a deeper appreciation for the nourishment my body needs. What sets Dr Mansi apart is her genuine care and dedication to my success. She tailored a personalised eating plan that seamlessly integrated into my lifestyle, making the transition feel natural and sustainable. The regular check-ins and motivational conversations kept me accountable and motivated, especially during challenging moments.

    I’ve not only shed unwanted pounds but also gained a newfound sense of energy and vitality. Thanks to Dr Mansi I now have a healthier relationship with food and a solid foundation to maintain my well-being for years to come. If you’re seeking not only a diet change but a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Mansi, She is an exceptional professional who can guide you toward lasting, positive transformation.

  9. Being a fitness trainer by profession ,I always like to remain fit mentally and physically.When i first approached Dr Mansi she strictly told me 3 important things ,firstly 100 %dedication towards ur diet secondly proper sleep and thirdly proper hydration.Only then she would give me a proper diet if i promised to follow all these .
    She is the best dietician and mentor i have ever met. She helped me to lose weight along with my fat percentage to a larger extent .My aim is to have a lean physique which has been possible with her amazing diet charts.Not only that but she makes it a point to take ur updates regularly and also advises how to go about it.
    Thank you Mansi for everything .You have been the best in my transformation journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. I had an amazing experience. I lost 10 kgs in 4 months, with such a healthy diet. It’s very sustainable and healthy. Dr. Mansi was supportive throughout my journey and so motivating. Her diet is very comfortable and as per our likings, she makes the diet plan. I am genuinely grateful to her. A big thanks to her.

  11. It will not be exaggerating, if I call dr Mansi an angel in my weight loss journey as I am trying it since like forever. I am overweight since childhood and have had tried so many ways to achieve it. But it only became possible with this lady.
    I was 93kg post delivery and when I was about to expect her first call, I had prepared my mind to give away my coffee and rice. However when she explained me my first diet, I was surprised that both the things were not excluded from my diet and even workout was a simple walk.
    I couldn’t believe myself when I lost 2kg in first week itself with those simple changes.
    I have now lost 12kg in 10 weeks. I have had 2 breaks in between during which she helped me to maintain weight through simple tricks.
    I highly recommend her if you are willing to achieve a healthy lifestyle and achieve your health goal👍🏻

  12. I would like to thank Dr. Mansi for the constant support and feedback. In just a month I lost around 4 kgs which was quite difficult since I had been exercising regularly before that as well but it was not effective. Also I didn’t have to do very big dietary changes or in workout as well, so could easily manage with my daily schedule. Now I feel in a better shape and would encourage anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or loose weight to consult her once.

  13. This was my first weight loss journey I have ever opted in my life. I had a great experience with Dr. Mansi. As per my health conditions she gave me diet plans and it helped me to lose 9Kgs. Workouts were simple. I highly recommend her.
    Thank you!

  14. Dr Mansi has been of great support and help to me to loose my post pregnancy weight..
    She is definitely a great choice i made in helping me with my weight loss journey. Inspite of understanding quantified food and calorie deficit i was not able to loose the last 7-8 kgs to get back to my pre pregnancy state atleast.
    Best part about her is she made me feel she was walking the weight loss journey with me.
    She is very supportive being a mom herself and patient as well.She never gave up on me even on days i did since i could not continuously follow her instructions for obvious reasons of being a first time mom.
    She also guided and continues to get my internal stats ( vitamins etc) back to normal.
    She is someone you can rely on when it comes to weight loss or your health.
    So far i have been able to loose 6 kg but i believe with her guidance i can drop few more kilos as well.
    I am always thankful to her..

  15. Hi mansi,
    Thanks for helping me my post pregnancy weight . I have gained 25 plus kgs and due to that I got hypertension and was having 5 tablets a day
    I have lost almost 12 kgs and my bp is normal and dose is reduced to 2 tablets a day
    And I am fitting into my old clothes . Thanks a lot for your help

  16. So I did the 3 month diet program aug 21-nov 21, came down 9-10 kgs during the entire course of the program. It’s been a year now and I have not just maintained this weight for more than 6 months post nov 21, but managed to lose 2-3 kgs more with toning. I remember mansi’s words portion size, regular workout..

  17. What a journey …… !!!! Finally lost 20kg.
    It’s a priceless feeling.
    Yes I did had days when I didn’t loose any weight but I am glad I had a mentor like Dr Mansi, her patience and continues motivation played a major role.
    Thank you so much 🙂


  18. Today on 24th October last year, I and Jasmina had started our Weight Loss Programe with you. It’s been a wonderful experience and never thought weight loss would be that easy. Also have understood what, how much and when to eat. You have motivated and inspired us throughout our journey. It’s been a year today and we are maintaining it. Once again thanks a lot Madam….
    Happy Diwali….

  19. My experience has been really great.The reason is a very flexible diet schedule and 100% guidance given by Dr.Mansi which has helped me not only lose weight but also have a active and healthy lifestyle

    I’m extremely grateful to Dr.Mansi aunty for keeping highly effective diet schedule and her guidance!

  20. I have never been to a dietician before meeting Dr. Mansi in March 2022. What I received was far more guidance and knowledge that I had initially expected, and it was this guidance which helped me to lose more than 20 Kgs in five months and transit from being an over weight person to having an ideal weight.
    Thank you Dr. Mansi for your easy-to-follow and yet highly effective diet plans and guidance!

  21. Eshita Tank (UK)

    Thank you, Thank you so much Dr Mansi. This felt completely unreal at the start especially because of the distance and time difference but Dr Mansi made it happen.
    She was there for me all the time. she motivated me, adjusted my diet according to my taste and set the whole diet as per my schedule.
    If I can do it with a 14 month old baby than everyone out there reading this can do it too with Dr Mansi’s help.

    Looking forward to loose another 10Kg with Dr Mansi’s guidance.

  22. Bharti Trivedi (UK)

    I have been in touch with Mansi ma’am since June 2020 when she helped me lose 20 kg weight after my first pregnancy. I consulted her again after my 2nd pregnancy and so far under her excellent guidance, I have managed to lose 10 kgs. I have a long way to go as this is a very small number in my weight loss journey this time but even this would not have been possible without her support and experience. Her patience is incredible and she takes daily update from me. Trust me when I say I have consulted 4 dieticians before her and Dr.Mansi is the only one who has helped ne in this journey. The diet plans are really versatile this time and also delicious. I hope I can achieve my desired goal in the upcoming months. Thank you so much Dr.Mansi. kudos to you 👏 I have understood that our bodies work differently everytime and what worked last time may not work again. But again as long as she is there this is achievable.

  23. I am Jay Maru. I started my weight loss journey with Dr. Mansi Pujara in 2019. As a part of that journey, she helped me in reducing more than 35 kgs in 13 months. More than the weight loss, my fat% reduced from 46% to 24%.

    After this, I had to stay out of town for 2 years for my further studies. There, even though I neither followed any diet nor had any workout routine, my weight did not increase much. This was because the diet that Dr. Mansi suggests has more of a long term impact. It inculcates a chain of good eating habits which can be sustained lifetime with ease. For eg, the simple act of having veggies before any meal has helped me limit my portion sizes.

    It has been more than 2 years since the weight loss journey and I am still more than 30 kgs down than my original weight. I am active, fit and happy with my health. Thanks Dr. Mansi 🙂

  24. I have been consulting her since last 4 months and I’ve lost around 10 kgs and I intend to continue my fitness journey with her.
    Her motivation and guidance helps a lot and also she is aware of my daily weight and walk updates which keeps me motivated & boosts my will to perform better. She customised the diet according to my preferences and kept it dynamic. So that I wouldn’t be bored of it.
    Also, the exercises were easy and simple.
    Thank you so much Doctor❤️

  25. 20 kgs down and still counting all the credits goes to Dr mansi. Her time to time motivation helped a lot to me. There was a time when inspite trying so hard weight wasn’t fluctuating, Dr mansi calmly motivated me in that phase and ensured weight will soon drop and yes it did. I feel so good and proud about my self when I look in the mirror. I have become more thoughtful while I eat and that is a big achievement for me.

    Thank you so much Dr Mansi for making these changes in my lifestyle.❤️❤️❤️

  26. hetalnanda1234

    Omg. I cant believe i have lost 10 kg in 1 nd half month. Before consulting dr mansi , i had given up on loosing weight. The best part of her diet is that it is easy nd manageable. She also guides us what to eat when v go out in restaurant. In this way v can balance our daily routine as well as social life. Since so many years i have not felt so light energetic nd confident. Thnk u sooo much dr mansi to make me feel that nothing is impossible with proper guidance

  27. Kruti Sarvaiya

    Yay!! 10+1= 11 kgs down and still 10 more kgs to loose, and all the credit goes to Dr. Mansi to help me loose weight without the lose of hope.
    I had few notions like that, I am not eating more and if I eat less I might be anaemic again where I would have to rush for Iv again. But I am so grateful to have found dr. Mansi. And thankful that she removes time for me and hears all my complains passionately.
    She has helped me learn the right technique towards weight lose. And the timely diet has helped me understand food in better way from time to time. Whenever I feel confused, she is always there to guide and bring me back to right direction. !! ❤️U
    Thanks for being there!!

  28. Weight loss and sustaining it is tough commitment for me but with guidance of Dr Mansi I lost 10 kg and still on the path of weight loss.
    Do able diets and walks have become my lifestyle.
    Thank you Dr Mansi & my colleagues who inspired me and enjoying the process to be fit & healthy.

  29. It just clicked through my friend preeti as we both tried gyms ,yogas, walks but the weight didn’t move to left a bit also.she came across dr.mansi nd lost 10 kg .I was surprised and I too joined.i must say she is a good package of psychiatrist and a dietician.she asked me my favorites nd framed my diet accordingly becoz preeti never had any such diet..I will recommend to all those who spend money on gym ,first consult a good dietician like dr.mansi nd then go further.we think we can loose weight by resolutions but someone guiding, supervising us is real best idea to loose weight faster nd permanent! Thank you dr.manasi to help me out😘

  30. A journey of loosing 10 Kgs …..it took a bit time .. 6 months…. But then the best part is it stayed rather than fluctuating…. Not only this, Mansi helped me to understand the body requirements…. Good vs bad food…. Importance of portion…. And most important… Skipping meals add to your weight rather than reducing it…… So all and all….. To summarise…. It was all gain and weight loss….. Nothing else……. Thanks a lot Doctor for staying with me and My food habits …… Having confidence that it will happen….

  31. Pandemic changed everything for everyone. Some of us spent time on fitness, food and fun ( in that order) and some of us made food and fun a regular habit.

    I had never believed in crash diets or for that matter even consulting a dietician for weight loss. But as they say, Seeing is believing’. I had seen many colleagues who had gained weight during the pandemic due to sedentary lifestyle and binge eating. Their transformation after a few months was miraculous and tempting.
    Dr. Mansi had worked with many of them.. She not only recommended diet plans but also helped in resolving the myths and fads that I had about the food.
    I am truly grateful for her guidance and support to help me become fitter and healthier.
    She understands each person’s needs and helps you positively overcome your mental blocks.
    Wishing her and her team success in all her future endeavours.

  32. It has been nine weeks since I am consulting Dr. Mansi Pujara who is a leading dietitian, my lifestyle has changed for the better. I could reduce my weight by more than 10 Kgs in nine weeks with practical yet effective diet plan and moderate level of exercising (only brisk walks). Now I am on a regimen of watching my food intake and brisk walks. I feel great! Thanks for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle, Dr. Mansi Pujara !

  33. Journey from 82 kg to 72 kg

    I have lost 10 kgs in the last 3-4 months with utmost ease for which all credit goes to Dr. Mansi and her very flexible diets.
    In 2017, after being light weighted,
    I started gaining weight again due to irregular and not so good eating habits. I had tried ways to get my weight down but couldn’t succeed which demotivated me.
    But once I chose to consult her there was no looking back.
    Daily weight and exercise updates with lots of motivation from the doctor helped me to cheat less and also enjoy my meals which were healthy and nutritious.
    Thank you so much for all your guidance and hope to continue the healthy lifestyle hereon…

  34. Just wanted to share my happiness and thank Dr. Mansi !

    I have lost 10 kgs in last 2 months (unbelievable but so true) and still counting. By following her diet I have not only lost weight but being a diabetic patient I have controlled my diabetes. I used to take medicines to controll my diabeties but since the time I have started my diet with Dr. Mansi my diabetes is in total control and as advised by doctor I do not have to take any medicines for diabeties.

    This is a great achievement for me and all thanks to Dr. Mansi.

  35. 10 kgs lost and still counting !!

    All thanks to Dr. Mansi ❤️

    Weight loss was always a struggle, but Dr. Mansi made it very easy for me it’s been 2 months and not even a single day I felt as if I was struggling.

    I always belived that, to loose this amount of weight in 2 months would require extensive workout or sacrifice on taste buds but it was all opposite.
    She made this journey so easy.

    Her motivation on timely basis, her teachings of how to look at this weight loss journey helped a lot!!

  36. Hey 10+ kgs and still counting !!
    All thanks to Dr. Mansi for her easy and simple home food diet plans.
    Weight loss was always a struggle for me,but this journey with Dr. Mansi was smooth and even if it was slow at different stage, it dint feel like a struggle. She made this journey so easy. Her motivation on timely basis, her teachings of how to look at this weight loss journey, her constant encouragement to be happy and positive helps a lot.

  37. I would like to thank Dr. Mansi Pujara for helping me in loosing 10 kgs. Her well planned diet and exercises have kept me motivated throughout this course.She also made changes to the diet plan as per my work schedule which helped me alot. Looking forward to loosing more 10 kgs.
    Thanks for your guidance and support.

  38. I thought losing weight includes crash diets and a high intensity workout. But thanks to Dr.Mansi her diet plans has bursted all the myths related to weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle. My post partum weight was 81kg but with the help of her diet and simple walk for 1 hour made me loose 10kg in just in 3 months and further still carrying forward with her diet plan to achieve more.
    Thank you so much

  39. Hello,
    I thought that it would be very difficult for me to lost weight, but when I got in touch with Dr. Mansi things just turned out to be so positive. I was around 104kgs when I started my journey with the guidance of Dr. Mansi, now after 4 months I have lost around 14kgs and now I weigh 90kgs. All thanks to Dr. Mansi for her knowledge and the guidance she gives. I would like to tell you guys that her diet plans are not boring at all. According to the physical activity and work, she gives very attractive and balanced diet plan which helps me feel motivated towards living a healthy life. Thank you so much Dr. Mansi for guiding and transforming me.

  40. Hello
    This is Amit Shah. I came in contact with Dr. Mansi through 1 of my wife’s friend who had already consulted her. Initially I used to weight 104kg and had sugar and blood pressure problem from 4 years and was on medicine. I consulted Dr. Mansi online on 25th October and started my diet from 26th October. I have lost 11 kgs in span of 43 days and every one including me are surprised looking at the result. Also my sugar which was very high came in control with her therapeutic diet. She just gives simple home made diet according to our likes which she changes every week and 1 hour walk daily plus 15min walk after lunch and dinner.
    Thanks a lot Madam for this amazing transformation and continues support and motivation. 10kgs gone and next target of another 10kgs to loose and achieve our target of 85 kgs.

  41. Thanks for your Guidance and Motivation which made this possible to reduce 10 kg in 3 months. I was facing plateau after reducing 10 kg but your tips helped me lot to achieve …. Your diet is simple to follow which makes things easy , so cheats are minimal, also Brisk walking has helped me lot. Overall combination of proper diet and exercise has shown results.

  42. After trying everything to loose my post pregnancy fat for 6 years I finally turned to mansi who made me do it in 3 months. A desi diet tht keeps you full is what you can except.these three months helped me understand food, portion size and my body too. Thnku mansi for the love n Guidance

  43. I have been consulting Dr. Mansi for over 4-5 years now. Her diet and way of explaining why we eat what we eat, have been tremendously helpful for me. I was overweight when I started consulting her, in 2-3 months, with her diet and workout routine, I lost almost as 15 kgs. Things went well until lockdown happened, I lost weight and muscles that I had gained, once the lockdown was lifted, I consulted her again and back at the idle weight and muscle definition that I wanted.

    Dr. Mansi is very knowledgeable and informed. She helps with a diet routine that fits your work, lifestyle and never makes it feel like a stressed thing to do to gain muscles and lose fats.

    10/10 I would recommend consulting her to anyone who wants to do things right with their body.

  44. I have been trying to lose weight since 2-3 years. I tried many diet plan but I always failed because they are fancy. When I went to Dr Mansi give me simple homemade cook meal and I lose 10kg in 3 months. In my journey sometime I lose hope but she always motivate me. Thank you very very much

  45. Dr. Mansi Pujara has very good knowledge on the diet…Diet given by her has resulted in me reducing weight by 20 Kgs in just 4 months… Best part of the diet. is very easy to follow. Also you eat regular and don’t feel hungry all day!! It not only reduce weight through diet but also with exercise and 45 to 60 mins of walk, After walk i fell very relaxed and calm. All thanks to DR MANSI PUJARA.😄

  46. I was hospitalized in the month of July 2021 and doctor has advised me not to do any physical activity for 6 months..but my weight was 109.5kg and I had to reduce my weight to stay healthy and fit so that I can recover much faster..so I consulted dr Mansi pujara for weight loss..In less than 2 months I have lost 10kgs without any physical activity..
    She is just a great doctor.she always motivates and make sure I don’t give up..
    By just 30 to 45 min normal walk and some strict diet I got the wonderful results which I had never expected.
    I am really really happy with my growth
    All thanks to doctor Mansi pujara 😄😄

  47. Dr Mansi pujara is outstanding n excellent dietician..I thought losing weight is too hard bt when I met her I loose 12 kgs in 3 months by her simply following diet with good health..her aspiring and co-operating nature makes easy to loose weight..proud of u Dr Mansi and heartly thanks to u….

  48. Dr Mansi pujara is a excellent dietician..always anspiring me to loose weight with easy following diet with good health..I lost 12 kgs in 3 months…Thanks Dr Mansi…proud of u…

  49. Dr. Mansi is a real professional who understands their client needs and customize the diet plan to suit their lifestyle. Even with a hectic schedule and WFH pattern, Dr. Mansi helped me reduce 12+ kgs.

    Every day diet checkup, weight control, and easy to follow diet has helped me transform despite some difficult days of long work hours and less exercise. I would personally recommend her to anyone who looks forward to transform their life and health.

  50. Hello All,
    I have been trying to lose weight since many years and tried many top dieticians of Mumbai. But their diet was very difficult to follow on regular basis. And I failed many times. When I went to Dr Mansi, she gave me very simple home cooked meals which are very easy to follow. And vollah I lost 10 kg in 2 months of diet without going hungry. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and a professional. She will keep you motivated all throughout your journey which is very important. Cannot thank her enough for my transformation. I highly recommend her for those looking to transform their life to more healthier and fitter. Thank you once again Dr Mansi.

  51. I started my weight loss journey with Dr. Mansi Pujara on 15 April and today I completed 2 months. I have lost 10 Kgs. First I thought it is impossible to achieve but with her diet and guidance. I was on track. I would like to personally thank Dr. Mansi Pujara.She guided me with my meals and portion control about which I was unaware. She motivated me through this weight loss journey. I know I have to still loose more. I am sure I will reach my target soon. 🙂

  52. Dr. Mansi Pujara has very good knowledge on the diet…Diet given by her has resulted in me reducing weight by 10 Kgs in just 2 months… Best part of the diet. is very easy to follow. Also you eat regular and dont feel hungry all day!! It not only reduce weight through diet but also with great exercise.. after doing exercise i feel very relaxed and my back pain is also gone. All thanks to DR MANSI PUJARA.

  53. I always wanted to be healthy and in perfect size but gained alot of weight in past 3 years. So tried many things but not effective in losing those extra pounds. So met Dr Mansi. I myself couldn’t believe that by just following her healthy, nutritious and tasty diet plans and simple walks can do wonders. I lost 10 kgs in flat 3 months which was next to impossible. She is not only a dietician but a very humble and good friend guiding me through this journey and kept on motivating me so that I could accomplish my goals. I want to thank her from all my heart for encouraging me and helping me achieve this goal. Thanks alot Mam .l l would recommend to everyone out there who are struggling to lose weight in a healthy way to meet Dr Mansi Pujara once and see the difference in their lifestyle ☺️

  54. Dr. Mansi has very good knowledge on the diet..Diet recommended by her has resulted in me reducing weight by 9 Kgs in 2 months…Best part of the diet was ..it was quite easy to follow. Also you eat regularly and don’t feel hungry throughout the day!! It is not only reducing weight through diet but has recommended a healthy nutritious intake and to keep body fit with easy and effective exercises.

  55. I never really had any problem of being with my weight and routine but I wanted to start eating healthy for a better lifestyle. After coming to you I was able to do so with not much of efforts but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. I am very grateful to Dr. Mansi for that. I lost almost 7 kg in almost 50 days. I m so happy. Feel better, Feels energetic.

  56. Just wanted to share my happiness and thank Dr. Mansi !
    I’m 47 and in pre-menopausal transition phase with back pain and other problems too..Dr. Mansi has put me on a really positive wellness journey
    and lifted me from problems like acidity and sleep disorders .she also made me to lose 10 kg weight at ease with her amazing “Happy meal plan ” with rice, tea, coffee, even mangoes now and most importantly I gained freedom around healthy food option .I feel light and energetic.
    Thank you Mansi for being very supportive and very encouraging in this healthy wellness journey and also educating me.
    If you are reading this and are hesitant-make a leap.you”ll never look back. Dr. Mansi will make it happen and bring the best version of you with confidence.
    On a personal note,she is very understanding non judgmental ,warm and friendly person.

  57. I’m very delighted with my transformation journey with Dr. Mansi. Losing weight was never so easy for me. And I am so much more confident about my body after losing so many kgs so easily. 89 kg. to 78 kg.

  58. Hii, friends this is Mr and Mrs Jain.we would like to share our fabulous journey with Dr.Mansi. First lockdown we both had gain weight and husband reports were nt so good his diabetes and cholesterol was on a little higher side .Then v consult Dr.Mansi she really played a vital role in our life her motivation and encouragement real worked and v lost around 10 to 15kg in 3mths. Dr Mansi’s soft and friendly nature real works.Friends plz follow her diet and daily routine which is advise by her it’s a magic .We love u dr Mansi and thank u soo much😘
    Thank you so much 😊

  59. She is very amazing doctor and dietician. Her diet plans are excellent very effective and got very good result with in 4 months I have lost 12kg. And she is very motivative doctor.

  60. i m glad to do this & was impossible without u .. Although my premenopause gng on, still was able to reach the target
    of loosing 10 kgs ..Went outstation 7 times in 4 months & njoyed weekends bt still under her guidance i reached my target..in short span of time..Best ever mentor I hv met in my life ..lucky me..

  61. Hi
    I am Alpa Shah. In last one year that I am with Dr. Mansi. I have lost more than 10 kgs. I think I must have been her slowest client in terms of losing weight who took the longest time to lose this weight😅 but what’s more beautiful is that Dr. Mansi has never lost hope on me. She has been always kind and encouraging. Not only for weight loss but also for other small issues too .
    Her diet plans are not extreme and are easily manageable for working women like me.

    Can’t thank her enough.😊 Looking forward to achieve my weight loss goals with her..And I wish her all the very best for her future..🙏

  62. I would like to share my journey of weight loss and my experience with Dr.Mansi pujari.
    I am suffering from thyroid and because of that i was gaining weight and was unable to loss any weight. But one day i decided to fight this and work on my fitness. So my journey towards fat loss started. While working out i came across many diet plans, but sadly they were not useful.
    I was starting to get demotivate until the day i met Dr. Mansi pujara. After meeting her , she heard my problems and i told my goals to her. After that she came up with a diet plan as well as workout plan which was suitable for my body type.
    And now after 2 months of my hard work , dedication and with the help of Dr. Mansi’s magical diet plan i have successfully lost 10 kgs of weight . Now i feel really very confident about myself and i can now wear me dream dress also.
    I would like to thank DR. Mansi for guiding me through out my journey and also motivating me towards my goal. Dr. Mansi made me achieve my dream figure.

  63. I would like to share my experience about weight loss, which I thought was not possible in this pandemic. Due to no gym and morning walks, I had gained lots of weight. But thanks to Dr Mansi who guided me with her diet and simple exercise routine, I lost 10 kgs in span of 3 months. Her simple easy diets and positive thoughts help me achieve this.

  64. Initially I thought it is just a diet plan with lots of starving but a week now into this I feel this is the best discipline ever. Thank you mansi pujara mam for the wonderful diet plan that actually works like magic. I have lost 10 kgs now and I feel very comfortable. No starving and no cravings, the food suggested is very tasty and filling. Overall a magical diet plan. Will be back with more reviews as I progress.

  65. I started my diet with Ma’am on 1st of Sept ’20 and within 2 months i lost 12kgs weight. The best part about Ma’am’s diet is that is very flexible. You dont feel like you’re on diet, also if sometimes you feel like not following the diet or something , Ma’am is always there to motivate you. I’d definitely recommend to consult Dr. Mansi for your dietry requirement. Thank you Ma’am we are half to my target and im looking forward to complete my weight loss journey with you.

  66. I got to know Mansi from one of my colleague. I was a little doubtful whether I would be able to follow a diet and in turn lose weight. Mansi took care of everything , helped me gain confidence and kept encouraging me throughout. I was asked to fill a history sheet where she wanted to know my likes and dislikes in food, my weight , height and other related questions. She got to know my routine and the diet plan which she shared was almost similar to what I eat everyday with little changes and portion control. Along with this I was asked to walk and do exercises. The diet was changed every week and much to my surprise I was able to see me losing weight. I am really happy and satisfied with her. I lost 10 kgs in 3 months. She has also given a maintenance diet which I am following now to maintain my weight and also doing regular workouts. I would 100% recommend Mansi if you are planning to lose weight.

  67. Hi, I m Bhavana from Japan. I know Dr. Mansi since past 2 years.. After my 2nd child’s birth, it was very difficult for me to maintain my pre pregnancy weight.. only exercise was not at all helping to shed off those extra weight… I approached Dr. Mansi twice and both the time she helped me to loose extra fat from my body… I got stuck on 62.5kgs , my target was 58 kgs… but it seems very difficult… After following her diet and guidance just for 2 months , I could easily achieved my target…. yes I lost that extra 4.5 kgs in just 2 months…. Dr. Mansi’s diet is very easy to follow and you get all the nutritiouns also…. she is very humble and co-operative… She is not only a very good dietitian but also very good mentor and a friend. she is the best dietitian… Highly recommended..
    Thank you from bottom of my heart DR. Mansi :-))).. Thank you for getting me back in to the shape , I m so so happy..

  68. Hello everyone,
    I am staying in Singapore. I managed to lose 11KG with DR.MANSI (BHABHI). Amazing guidance and superb diet plans.Her diets are really easy to follow. She is very supportive and very approachable.
    For me the key to success was her diet plan and encourage to go on walks.our many of friends take her diet plans and achieve their goals. I am still continuing her diet plan. So,if anyone is struggling with weight loss please do contact her.you can get easily your goal with amazing diet plan😊
    I will always be thankful to you🙏

  69. https://www.canva.com/design/DAE2cvREvsk/6x7ZONVkbLFP3dUdI am surprised seeing my self into the mirror. I’ve been trying to loose weight since ages and finally now after taking your diet I’ve released 10 kgs of my weight. It feels so light and refreshing. I’m surprised that at this age of 51 I could do this. Thanks to you doctor you have created miracle in my life. It couldn’t have been possible without your motivation and diet. Your diets are really doable and easy. Thank you so much.Z9_oWA/edit?layoutQuery=independence+day+india

  70. I have been amazed by how my body is losing weight without too much of hard work or workout .The best part about her diet is that it is not too rigid and your body gets easily used to it, she is an amazing instructor, damn motivating as well she keeps checking on her client .I promise you if you follow her diet by being consistent as well as dedicated, you will be able to achieve your goal ,So if any one struggling with weight loss PLEASE do contact her, she is simply amazing .

  71. Today i attended your session in clarivate analytics , it is a wonderful session and i learnt many new things . your knowledge is amazing doctor . Thanks you very much for sharing it.

  72. I have been totally blown away by the results of following DrMansi’s diet plan which she adapted to my likes n dislikes.I hve lost 10kgs without stepping foot in a gym.I feel so much healthier,young n more confident than ever. I am obliged to you DrMansi the best dietician ever for being such an expert thank you so much for alwz motivating me.

  73. Hello, this is my second testimonial for Dr.Mansi Pujara. I completed my 3 months weight loss program with her on 09.09.2020 . I managed to lose 20 kgs with Dr.Mansi’s amazing guidance and superb diet charts. Throughout this duration, she has been kind,supportive and extremely helpful. What I could not achieve in the last 3 years, Dr.Mansi managed to do it in the last 3 months. Anyone reading this review please please please do take her consultation. She is really amazing. Thank you ma’am this journey could have not been possible without your brilliant experience and guidance. All the compliments that I get for my weight loss are only because of you. Thanks a ton !!!!!!

  74. Doc you have just motivated me for the last 6 months and I can see the best results. I have released 10kgs already. Couldn’t have done it without you. I am so glad that you are my doc you’ve helped me with not only diets but good exercises and other physical issues. Thank you so much for always pushing me to do better. You proved it that anything is just possible if I am consistent and determined.
    Thank you sooooo much.

  75. I have been trying to lose weight for the past 10 years. All my 20s has been a constant struggleto figure out how to lose weight. Another struggle was maintaining the weight loss after loosing a sizeable 6-7 kgs.

    Dr. Mansi Pujara came in as a blessing in disguise when I was discussing my struggle with one of the colleagues at office. She helped me figure out the right diet to follow based on my current diet and health report. She has been a constant source of motivation. Biggest hurdle after you start dieting is the follow through across months. She has been a constant force of motivation always available for any doubts I had.

    I have been able to lose 10 kg right now in the past 2 months and in the journey to lose 9 kgs more. Being mentored by Mansi, I can say one thing for sure, 2 months from now I would again come back to post about my additional 9 kgs lost. The mere confidence you get by follow Dr. Mansi’s mentorship and diet is enough for any person to get into the right shape they deserve.

  76. I was 75 kgs. when I conceived my pregnancy. My gynecologist had suggested that i should only put on 7-8 kgs throughout pregnancy. But within 3 months into pregnancy, I had already gained 6 kgs. So my gynecologist advised me to go for dietitian. That’s when I went to Dr. Mansi Pujara. I have been sincerely following her diet. Her diet helped me a lot. It provides all nutrients to my baby while keeping my weight in check. Even my blood sugar and bp levels are normal. I gained only 10 kgs. during my entire pregnancy and delivered a healthy 3.5 kgs. baby.

  77. What should I say about Dr. Mansi? She is simply amazing…friendly and a very good person. I have lost 20 kgs in 9 months and still continuing with the last few kgs. I have done many diets in past 10 years have lost a little and gained back. So I was very apprehensive when I started. With Dr. Mansi it has been a wonderful experience. Her diets are easy to follow and she motivates to do workout/walk. She messaged me every day and the fact that I have to update my exercise daily was a great factor in keeping me motivated to do it. Many of my close friends and relatives including my husband, have reached their goals under her care. I would recommend Dr. Mansi to all who want to achieve their desired weight goals.

  78. Mansi ma’am, you are SIMPLY.THE.BEST.DIETICIAN. I would rather call you magician instead of dietician. Your super se bohot upar diet helped me lose 10 kgs in almost 1.5 months. I was not even able to lose 100 gms in the last two years. If anyone follows her diet absolutely perfectly according to her instructions, you are bound to get the results. All I did was trust her and her amazing diet charts every week. I am short of words when I say she is the best person I met who helped me lose weight after my pregnancy. My only regret is I should have approached her sooner. Thank a ton,Mansi ma’am. 🙂

  79. Her diet plans are very simple and easy to follow, and the good thing about it is they are very effective and healthy. I was able to loose 10kg in a span of 2 month. The best thing is getting daily updates, and in constant contact, keeps you motivated throughtout your journey, without loosing any focus. Highly recommended.

  80. The journey started with a thought “impossible to achieve goal” in my mind.
    Done some online search, went through testimonials and finally took a decision to give a try. Not so very determined but somehow wanted to reduce weight. I was close to hitting century and that was a big trigger to reduce. Finally Consulted Dr. Mansi an amazing person and a clinical dietitian. With lots of apprehensions (related to food,fees, side effects etc. and specially result…) in mind had a first session where I was given a choice of my food, and the journey has begun on a positive note. Dr. Mansi puts personal attention and ensures we follow planned diet. She says you can contact me, but sometimes answer comes late, but it comes always :-). With my choice of food in all sessions I managed to reduce 18Kg in a span of 4 months. it is still not an end!!
    What else you want??? I certainly recommend Dr. Mansi. A place where result is guaranteed!!! a ne Result hasta hasta malshe, paki vaat! 🙂

  81. Hurrah!!!!! Finally my dream came true & I successfully completed IRONMAN 70.3 competition.🏊🚴🏃
    This achievement🏆 is not my mere efforts,there are several people who helped me in getting this accolade.🎖️
    I am thankful🙏 to all those who supported me in this journey. My sincere thanks to :

    My wife cum yoga🧘‍♀ trainer NIPA SANGHAVI – she taught me how to control the mind and breath with empowering inner strength. Also had a good support from my mother & kids during my injury

    My dietician Dr. MANSI PUJARA – helped me to reduce weight by 6kgs in 2 months which I gained due to rest of 8 weeks due to injury. Her proper diet🍎🍌 and guidance kept me energized for the 8 hours of my event.

    Your all’s good lucks and good wishes really worked.your good vibrations during my event time reached to me and I achived my goal and a dream came true.🏅🇪🇬
    THANKS ALL OF YOU ❤️❤️❤️

  82. The diet provided by Dr Mansi is very easy to follow and no hard preparation required. No starving and by eating normal home cooked food in right proportion, one can see drastic results.

  83. Her diet was very effective to me. I lost around 10kgs with the diet n guidance given by her. I really had great experience n appreciate it. Thank you

  84. I totally lost my hope to reduce my weight, but mansi bhabhi only made possible this.6 week before my weight was 69 n now 64 .she is very very good dietician. Highly recommend. Am from singapore .no crush diet no need to stop your meals just control n you can make it your dream true .Thnx a lot mansi bhabhi. She is very very good n humble.

  85. Mansi is one of the best dietician. Loosing weight became very easy under her guidance. She gives diet according to our convenience. Without starving loosing weight is best.

  86. Superb experience i had during my weightloss process with the diet plan given by Dr mansi .I nrver felt like i was dieting it was way much regular and simple.i loved the result very much .

  87. Dear Mam,
    With your immense help, I have achieved a superb weight loss from 79 Kge to 71kgs in 45 days I very much appreciate the efforts taken by you to follow up with me on regular basis & chart out my diet as per my needs.Even though i message you for small queries and you reply for each and every query.

    Really appreciated your guiadance .

    Wishing you with greater success in life

    Nimesh Ruparel

  88. I was always lean but as usual post marriage in 2012 and motherhood in 2014 I went up from 57 kgs to 69 kgs. I started getting obsessed about my weight as I wished to see myself in my old Avtaar. Dr Mansi being a good neighbour and after doing ample RND, I consulted her for weight loss programme. She is always cool and calm and good nutritionist as well who understands your body type and suggests the diet accordingly. I am pleased to say that I have successfully lost 8 kgs in a span of 4 months. Further to that my weight is recognisable and have started getting compliments. All credit dedicated to a friend, an excellent mentor as well as the finest nutritionist. Thank you for being a part of my successful journey.

    – Komal Jiten Jadav

  89. I have recently lost 36 kilos of body weight in 13 months under training and diet from Dr. Mansi Pujara. Throughout the journey, she has been extremely supportive asking for regular updates. This regular checking helped me a lot in the beginning when I was having troubles keeping a tab on my diet and workout. To say the least, she is an amazing dietician and I would like to thank her for her hardwork and persistence throughout. 🙂

  90. This is a journey of weight gain from 65kgs to 80kgs.This journey would not have been possible without her.Dr Mansi is an excellent doctor.For those who are looking upto weight and fitness training she will be the most helpful person.

  91. I was overweight with 28% fat when I was referred to Dr. Mansi by my gym trainer.
    I visited for first consultation and never looked back till date. She is knowledgeable, carefully assess your problems, workout, routine and suggests the best diet, carefully curated for you.
    I would totally recommend to follow religiously whatever diet she advises.
    You would be amazed to see the results so fast, provided you are honest and follows what she says :).
    All in all, she also supports for queries during the diet which brings the best results in you.

  92. I would recommend anybody who is trying to lose weight to consult Dr. Mansi Pujara. The diet plans are superbly effective. The results are seen within very less time.
    Cheers! 😀

  93. She is an amazing mentor, her diet plans are very effective, easy to catch up with and the best part being that she gives a lot of options making the diet user friendly. She has played the most imp role in my journey to healthy lifestyle!!!!

  94. Dr Mansi Pujara is one of the best person I have ever met . Good perwon and friendly nature . She change my way of living and eating habits . She understands the situation of her patient and plan diet accordingly .
    I started diet in month of June and within 6 months i lost 16 kgs . Yeah in 6 months 16 kgs . Isn’t that cool .
    She takes reqular follow ups on whatsapp and keep track on weight . I have increased my stamina by my daily one hr running . Daily one hr activity is must to loose weight
    Thank u so much to change me and make me look more better than I was before

  95. If you want to look surprising reduced by your weight, you simply follow Dr Mansi’s diet plan and you will b happy 2-3 months down the line. With her diet plan I lost 17.5 kgs within 5 to 6 months. And the best part about her diet is its a fully natural diet. She also looks after your vitamins, proteins levels, BMI readings n what all needed to b perfectly fit..Thanks a lot Dr Mansi for a big change in me!

  96. Losing weight has always been a challenge and a goal I have never been able to meet until now. Over the years I have tried diet and exercise programs with not much effects.
    Dr Mansi Pujara’s diet plan and guidance helped me lose a lot of weight and become healthy again. Her personal attention and constant motivation has helped me immensely with my confidence in life.

  97. I do not understand where do I begin this with but it has been one hell of an experience for the past 4 months! Starting with 86 kg and ending with 66 kg that too in the most smoothest way guided by Dr.Mansi!
    She has been a great motivator all throughout this journey of mine and has been the most flexible dietician I have ever come across,which sets her apart from the rest and makes her best in the business!
    I would surely recommend every health conscious person to follow the way of lifestyle she recommends along with her super flexible diet!
    Thank you so much doctor for everything!

  98. I am very much thankful to Dr Mansi in helping me to lose weight.I lost around 8 kg in 2 months with her simple and easy to follow plan .. She has very good knowledge and explains everything in detail. Thanks a lot Dr Mansi for your guidance and support

  99. I don’t have words to explain about her i had lost all my hopes that I have depend on healthy food to increase my weight but mansi aunty gave me a diet in which I could eat everything but had to increase quantity of food containing fats and carbohydrates and in a year I increased 12kgs with Her diet . Thank you Mansi aunty to help me to reach 38 kgs !!!!!??????

  100. What do I say about her..? Words cannot justify it..! She is GOD for me that’s all I can say..!
    First time ever, i wasn’t afraid of word diet..! When anyone says diet, i used to fear they will ask me to stop all the food that I love..! Instead.. I’m in love with diets now that I get from her..! She never stopped me from eating things I loved..!
    Its only because of her that I enjoy the compliments that I have been receiving for a weight loss of 21 Kgs..! And may be still counting..! Journey from 81 to 60 may had been impossible without her..! From teenage years to till date, I don’t remember if in my lifetime ever I had 60 kgs weight…!
    I know this is going long..! But one thing I want to say about her…!
    U r THE BEST doctor as well as a dietician..!
    Love you…! ??

  101. Mansi is one of the finest people I’ve come across…..her perfect guidelines have immensely helped me in my weight loss…..Kudos to you dear ??!!!! Thank you for everything ??

  102. There is no word in the dictionary that can describe dr Mansiji’s greatness and her work. I have lost 6kga in 2 months by following her suggestions for my diet. My physical appearance has been improving lately. A big thanks to you Mansiji’s

  103. She is outstanding. I lost 10kgs in 4 months because of her treatment. Her methods are very effective. I am very satisfied by the treatment.

  104. Her diet is very effective and I could really feel healthy after starting it off!! Her workout options are also very beneficial! Moreover, one of the best things is that she keeps asking for updates on my progress every alternate which is really motivating!!

  105. I thought loosing weight was next to impossible until i meet Mansi. Her Diet plans are simply amazing, very effective and most important very healthy . Loosing 17 kg became so easy under her guidance, Actually i njoyed every part of dieting as there was so much variety in diet plan
    Thanks Mansi for everything and changing my perspective towards health..

    86 to 69 with eating somuch..still cant belive

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