Home remedy for giddiness

As per Ayurveda, the commonest cause for giddiness is cold.

This can be acute cold or chronic cold, which has persisted for several years Or sometimes, you may have history of cold which was some years back..

Due to this cold, it is believed that it impacts the internal ear, which is responsible for maintaining the balance or equilibrium of the body. Hence, one feels giddiness while changing the position of the body, mainly the head, like changing the position of head from right to left or up and down; etc.

Home remedy for this is to take pippali mool powder.
It is also called pippari mool or ganthoda or long pepper roots.

It is a common herb which is mainly put in sweets or ladoos, which are made in the winter season.

How to consume:

– Half cup milk
– One fourth teaspoon ganthoda powder
– One teaspoon ghee (preferably cow ghee)

Mix everything and boil it, consume it when hot.

Whenever there is acute giddiness, it can be taken 3 times a day.
Later, for prevention, it can be taken once in a day for long term.

Jaggery can be added to taste. But shouldn’t be added if one has diabetes or high pressure or high cholesterol.

Stay safe, Stay Healthy !! 🙂

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