Homemade Sports drink to maintain energy level during Garba and also maintaining weight..

Playing Garba is a cardio activity that can help you burn calories, much like marathon running. It not only contributes to calorie burning but also aids in weight reduction. However, to achieve weight loss goals while enjoying Garba, it’s essential to pay attention to your food choices to fuel your energy needs. The specific requirements vary depending on the duration of your Garba session. Here are some recommended food and hydration options tailored to your Garba routine:

Garba Duration: 45-60 minutes (Low Intensity)

For sessions of this duration with low intensity, simple plain water is usually sufficient for hydration.
However, if you find yourself sweating profusely, consider consuming 500ml to 1L of electral (ORS) water to replenish lost electrolytes.

Garba Duration: More than 60 minutes

For sessions lasting over an hour, you may want to consider a sports drink. You can easily find these in stores, but you can also prepare one at home with the following ingredients:
250 ml of any fruit juice
250 ml of water
3 tablespoons of glucose
1/4 teaspoon of salt

Garba Duration: More than 2 hours

If you’re planning to dance to the Garba beat for over two hours, it’s wise to consume easily digestible foods during major break times and continue sports drinks in-betweens or during short breaks. These include:
– Bananas
– Citrus fruits
– Bread with butter
– Idlis
– Plain uttapa (as opposed to fried items, which can be heavy to digest and divert more energy towards digestion rather than Garba).

Remember, the right choice of food and hydration will keep your energy levels up and help you enjoy Garba while maintaining your fitness goals.

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