How much sugar-free can I have?

Sugar-free tablets or artificial sweeteners are used to make food taste sweet without adding many calories.

But the question is how much to eat?

So, WHO recommendation is that one can have up to 22 Sugar Free Tablets in a day.

But, there is not much research done on these products, and whatever research is available is contradictory.

Like after eating table sugar for 100 years, research says that sugar leads to metabolic syndrome.
Similarly, after using sugar-free for 100 years, one can actually understand the side effects.

Thus, one should consume sugar-free only if genuinely there is a need for sweet taste.
For example, one likes sweet tea/ coffee, but sugar levels are high or need to lose weight. One can use 1 sugar-free tablet 2 times in a day in tea/coffee.

But, ideally, it is better to gradually cut down the sugar portion and develop the taste of without sugar tea/coffee.

As by replacing sugar free with sugar, a new wrong habit is being created.

Still, if one really likes sweet taste, then having 2 tablets in a day is okay.

But, it should not be encouraged to have sweets, chocolates, ice creams, etc. made with sugar free, as the portion size of sweeteners goes on higher side.

Also, the other important thing is that, though sugar-free has no calories, food eaten has calories and sometimes that is also very high in number.

So, sugar-free is to be taken only when natural taste is difficult to develop and that too only for beverages like tea/ coffee/ milk/ lemon-water. Take 2 tablets in a day and avoid taking it in any food items.

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