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Sources of calcium

Sources of Calcium Fruits OrangestrawberryBlackBerry grapeAppleBlueberryKiwiFigPineappleBananaFresh ApricotsDry apricotsPrunesRaspberryBerryPapayaGuavaRaisinPears Vegetables Turnip GreensKaleMustard Greens, sarsoBeet GreensLady’s finger, BhendiPeasParsleySweet PotatoesCabbageCeleriacBroccoliBrussels SproutsSoybean SproutsGreen BeansCarrots Grains & Pulses Ragi (Finger Millet)Kulthi (Horse Gram)RajmaSoyabeanMatki (Moth Beans)Chana (Bengal Gram)Udad (Black Gram) DaalMoong (Green Gram)Chavli (Cow Peas)Peas (Dry)Moong (Green Gram) DaalMasur (Lentil)Chana (Bengal Gram)(roasted)Chana (Bengal Gram) DaalBajraRajgeera Nuts & seeds Sesame seedsAlmondsChia seedsFlax […]

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Is it okay to have only soup / salad in dinner for weight loss?

Soup / salad / stir fry veggies/ veg juice etc. play very important role in weight loss journey as they are rich in fibres. Not only they provide satiety, but are also rich in flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Hence, they should be present in major meals like lunch & dinner. However, many time it is

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