Is it okay to have only soup / salad in dinner for weight loss?

Soup / salad / stir fry veggies/ veg juice etc. play very important role in weight loss journey as they are rich in fibres. Not only they provide satiety, but are also rich in flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

Hence, they should be present in major meals like lunch & dinner.

However, many time it is observed, and also clients share that ‘I am completely full with soup and salad. It is sufficient and I am okay to skip my main course.’

So, question is whether it is correct?
Answer is no.

Whenever on weight-loss, work on correct eating pattern, rather than skipping any meals.

Whenever only soup or salad is taken in dinner there is definitely weight loss, but how long one can take only soup or salad in a meal….

Once start taking normal meal, even minimal portion meal also, weight gain starts and there are chances, that weight gain will be more than previous weight.

This happens because whenever meals are skipped, body goes into starvation mode. So whatever is eaten in next meal, it will be stored by body in form of fats rather than using it in form of energy and though eating less, one starts gaining weight.

So, by just eating soup or salad or skipping meals, one may lose weight, but it is temporary, and in doing so, actually drops the metabolism.

And, hence whenever starts eating, body is not able to use all the calories and leads to weight gain.

Best way to lose weight is by increasing metabolism and eating small meals. So, decide the portion size of soup or salad in such a way that, one can have small portion of main course also.

‘Eat and Reduce’ is the best way:)

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