Time to consume water during meals:

Time to consume water during meals:

đź’§Before Meals:

đź’¦Thirst vs. Hunger: Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if your body is thirsty or hungry due to changes in lifestyle. This confusion can lead to mistaking thirst for hunger.

đź’¦Mindful Hydration: Often, people misinterpret thirst as hunger and eat when they should drink. This can lead to overeating, slowing down the weight loss process.

đź’¦Pre-Meal Hydration: To accurately recognize genuine hunger, it’s essential to hydrate before meals. Quench your thirst first, then eat only when genuinely hungry.

đź’§Water During Meals:

đź’¦Supporting Digestion: Food is solid, but the stomach needs to break it down into a semi-solid state for digestion. Liquids are crucial to this process, aiding in the breakdown of solid food.

đź’¦Ayurvedic Insight: Ayurveda recommends drinking water or liquids during meals to assist in the initial digestion phase that happens in the stomach.

đź’§Water after Meals:

đź’¦Stomach’s Charging Phase: After eating, the stomach begins the “charging” phase, mixing solid and liquid together. During this phase, acids start their work.

đź’¦Caution with Post-Meal Water: Adding water while this mixing process is ongoing can cause the mixture to splash upwards. This might lead to bringing up stomach acid and undigested food, causing feelings of acidity.

đź’¦Wait Before Hydrating: It’s best to avoid water for about 45-60 minutes after meals. This allows the stomach to complete its initial digestion process without disruptions.

đź’§Understanding the right timing for water intake in your weight loss journey can significantly impact your progress. Stay hydrated mindfully, hydrate before meals, support digestion during meals, and allow your stomach’s natural process to unfold after meals.

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