Tips for increasing Water intake

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Water for “fat loss or muscle gain” is the most important nutrient in our body as it cannot be stored in our body. 70 % of our body is made up of water and that level is maintained by homeostasis. If you drink more water at a time, body will absorb required amount and excess will be thrown out. If you drink less water, then body will go into dehydrated mode.

Dehydration is the time when cells lack water. This is the time when metabolism drops and there won’t be any muscle gain or fat loss, though you have been religiously following your diet.

If you think that drinking one litre of water at a time will compensate for drinking water regularly during the day then you are mistaken !

Following are some tips to increase water intake:
1. Take help of reminders in your calendar. One glass of water every hour generally. (The frequency & quantity needs to be prescribed since it may vary from person to person).
2. Can add different flavours to water:
– Green tea
– Lemon water
– Ginger water (avoid if you have acidity with burning in the chest region)
– Jeera water (cumin seeds.. works best with water retention)
– Ajwain water (works best for those who have gas and bloating)
– Diluted butter milk
– Tulsi ark drops in water (for those who have recurrent cold and cough)
– Haldi ark drops
– Cucumber water
– Mint leaves water
– Lemon grass water
– Cinnamon water (good for cholesterol)
– Apple cider vinegar water (before lunch and dinner as fat burner)
– Fruit water: orange, melons; etc.
– Sabja seeds water
– Chia seeds water (rich in Omega 3)
– Coriander seeds powder water
– Wheat grass juice
– Diluted vegetable juice (like dudhi, spinach; etc.)

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