Food list to be strictly avoided

Bakery products like biscuits, cookies, crackers, toast, cakes, pastries; etc.

Completely avoid sugar. Also avoid brown sugar, jaggery, honey. Can use stevia drops or tablets as sweeting agent, if needed.
Also avoid sugar in any other forms like sweets, soft drinks, ice creams, milkshakes, fruit juices, lassi, chocolates, jams, jellies, syrups etc. Can opt for a fresh lime soda or sometimes coconut water or diluted butter milk instead of soft drinks.

Avoid desserts in any form. Instead, can have a fresh fruit which will satisfy your desire for sweets.

Avoid extra salt in form of table salt, pickles, papad, butter milk and salad dressings.

Avoid condiments which include sauces, salad dressings, spreads and different types of dips. They are high in fats or carbs or salt n sugar.

In sauces, avoid tomato ketchup, soya sauce, barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, mustard sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce, wasabi, peri peri sauce, fish sauce, peanut sauce, schezwan sauce, hollandaise sauce.

Also avoid dips like pesto sauce, garlic sauce, tartar sauce, tahini, tzatziki sauce, sour cream, hummus, baba ganoush, salsa, mayonnaise, peanut butter.

Avoid salad dressings like Caesar dressing, French dressing, ranch dressing.

Avoid chutneys like coconut chutney, dal based chutney, khajur or dates chutney, imli chutney.

Instead of above chutneys, can have tomato chutney without nuts, mint and coriander chutney without nuts, garlic chutney without coconut.

Use only specified amount of oil for the day. Try to use non-stick cookware. Steam, grill, roast or bake food stuffs. Have healthy cooking oils rich in MUFA like olive oil, canola oil, rice bran oil or groundnut oil. Avoid refined oil.

Completely avoid fried snacks like chips, chiwda or farshan like sev, chakri, puri, vada, samosa etc.

Avoid dry fruits like dates, figs, prunes and raisins. Instead opt for fresh fruit.

Drink plenty of water. Don’t eat dinner until you have finished drinking your daily water requirement. Water can be taken in different flavours like green tea, lemon water, mint water, jaljeera water, cucumber water or orange fruit water etc

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