Tips for having sweets guilt-free, during festivities and maintaining the weight as well.. ☺️

“During the festival season, traditional sweets are often prepared at home, tempting one to indulge. However, to help those who wish to enjoy sweets while maintaining their weight, here are some tips to share.”

Tip 1:
Replace a small meal with a sweet:
For eg. Instead of mid-morning fruit or evening dry snacks, one can have the home made sweet.

Tip 2:
Make sweet a large meal by itself.
For eg. In lunch or dinner, instead of having roti or rice, have the home made Sweet with salad, sabji & dal. Or let your breakfast be just sweet.

Tip 3:
Have sweet post workout.
This way, body will use it for energy and will not convert the sugars into fats.

Tip 4:
Have sweet in moderate portion.

For eg. If it is one’s favourite sweet and want to have it in more quantity, then rather eating too much at one meal, have small portions, 2 times in a day, in different meals.

Hope the above tips are useful. Just be mindful, and one can easily eat sweets while keeping a check on the Weight.

Note: Above tips are only for those who want to have sweets.. 🙂

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