Source of Hidden Fat: Coconut

Coconut is high in fibres and MUFA rich fats, that is coconut oil.

These oils are good for health, but when taken in small portion. If taken in more amount, they are high in saturated fats also, which may increase cholesterol and also increase fat percentage of the body.

Like, 2 tablespoon of coconut chutney has nearly 5 ml oil in it, which is 1 teaspoon. So, when eaten as a chutney, it’s okay. But many a time, chutneys are enjoyed and eaten more in portion sizes and one can easily consume 3-4 spoons of oil.

Thus, for weight loss, one can have chutney in limited amount, only if no oil used in the food along with it.

But if oil is used, then preferably have green coriander chutney or any vegetable chutney instead of coconut chutney, which is very low in calories.

Also, while cooking vegetables and making gravies, if want to add coconut, then not add any other oil or nuts or seeds to the gravy. So, total fat content is balanced.

This way, one can enjoy the taste of coconut and also maintain the calories 🙂

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