Wheat roti vs. Bhakri 

In my practice, I am observing that many people have started cutting down on wheat. On asking the reason, some of them said that they read about it on Google or Whatsapp that it helps to lose weight !
Some said that it increases the glucose levels and hence cause diabetes, some said that it has gluten, a protein which is difficult to digest.

But I have observed other effects of this like,  many of my clients said that they started putting on weight, they are facing constipation and some may have increase in their body heat; etc.

The question is if they are cutting down gluten and switching on to healthy grains like jowar, bajra, nachni; etc. then why are they putting on weight ?

The reason behind it, is the “PORTION SIZE” ..

Now Wheat rotis are very thin and hence are also called Phulkas. Wheat can be rolled into such a thin Phulka due to the protein, gluten,  present in it.

But it is absent in other grains. Hence, those cannot be rolled into phulkas, but can be made into Bhakris or Rotlas. In making these Bhakris, the amount of grains or atta used increases.
Sometimes, it’s almost double than wheat atta. Keeping weight loss in mind, the calories of all the grains is same. So when 2 phulkas are replaced with 2 bhakris, the calories you are eating becomes double. Hence, instead of losing weight, one starts gaining weight.

Other aspect is that grains like jowar, bajra, nachni are very dry in nature.

If you prepare Bhakri atta and leave it for some time, it will become very dry. And hence it has to be rolled immediately once atta is prepared.
On the other hand, the more you leave wheat atta, the more it becomes softer. Same effect takes place in our body also. After having bhakri, there is increase in dryness in our body. To overcome this, our forefathers used to eat bhakri with lots of ghee on it, which balances dryness.

But now, since people are on weight loss, they eat bhakri without ghee. This creates dryness in body leading to constipation, specifically if person is not drinking enough water. Also, it may cause dryness anywhere else like dry skin or dry hairs or dry eyes.

Bottom line is that all whole grains are healthy. Let it be wheat or jowar or bajra or nachni or kodri; etc. Keep rotating all grains so that you have all different group of vitamins coming in. Avoid wheat only if you have gluten intolerance.. And for Weight loss, “PORTION SIZE” is very important !!

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Wishing you a Healthier & Happier Lifestyle !! 🙂

roti, bread, flatbread-5599560.jpg
bajra / sorghum ki roti or pearl millet flat bread

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