Tips to be followed during fasting, so that Weight Loss continues, even once fasting is over 😊

Fasting is a well-practiced tradition in Indian culture, known for its health benefits, which have been supported by research. However, if you’re on a weight loss journey, fasting can pose a challenge. Often, you follow a specific diet plan to lose weight, but when fasting comes into play—whether it’s no food, very little food, only fruits, or just water—you might experience a significant drop in weight. But here’s the catch: this weight loss during fasting is usually temporary and can bounce back when you return to your regular diet.

So, the key is to understand that genuine, lasting weight loss happens when you’re eating your regular meals, not when you skip meals or eat very little during fasting. To prevent this temporary weight loss, follow these tips for fasting:

1) Stick to Your Usual Meal Schedule
Even on fasting days, try to eat your meals at the same times you usually do.

2) Keep the Number of Meals Consistent
Don’t change the number of meals you typically have in a day.

3) Opt for Fasting-Friendly Foods
During fasting, replace your regular foods with fasting-friendly options. For example, instead of roti, you can have rajgeera, and replace kurmura with makhana.

4) Choose Healthy Low-Fat Alternatives
Make sure to swap grains for healthier, low-fat options. Avoid foods like potatoes, fried items, peanuts, and sabudana.

5) Stay Hydrated
Don’t forget to drink enough water even during fasting.

6) Continue Your Workouts
If you follow these guidelines, you can still engage in your regular workout routine during fasting.

By following these tips, you may lose slightly less weight during fasting, but it will be more sustainable in the long run. Once your fasting period is over and you return to your regular weight loss diet plan, your weight loss journey can continue successfully.

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