Precautions while taking Isabgol

Are you taking Isabgol everyday ?

Isabgol is one of the healthy food supplements. But, if taken everyday, one needs to take care of following points:

  1. Isabgol is nothing but fibers. Fibers have tendency to bind with minerals like calcium, iron; etc. Hence, Isabgol should never be taken along with your medications. There has to be minimum of 2 hours gap between Isabgol and any medicines.
  2. Isabgol has to be first soaked in water for minimum 15 minutes. If taken directly, without soaking, it will lead to constipation, also it may get stuck anywhere in the digestive system and cause chocking.
  3. During soaking process, Isabgol absorbs water and swells. Similarly, after drinking also, it has same effect inside our body. So one should keep a check on water content throughout the day. One should hydrate well.
  4. At what time of the day one takes isabgol is also very important to achieve the desire results. For losing weight, reducing cholesterol level, controlling your blood sugar levels, one has to take it 15 to 30 minutes before meals. But for prevention of constipation, it should be taken at bedtime.
  5. Also how you take it ? Sometimes one experiences cramps in stomach after taking Isabgol. That happens when it is taken with cold water or milk. To prevent this, one should always take isabgol with warm water.
  6. Isabgol has to be avoided during acute stomach ulcers or intestinal ulcers like ulcerative colitis or any form of bleeding in the digestive system or acute stomach ache.
  7. Also, it is good to have more of fibres when one suffers from piles or fissures. BUT, one should not have Isabgol when you have acute piles, pain or bleeding from piles. Once pain and bleeding stops, one can have Isabgol for further prevention.

Hope this was helpful.

I wish you always stay Healthy !! 🙂

Dr. Mansi Pujara

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