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Many of us take calcium supplements to fulfill our daily calcium requirement. Calcium supplements come in different forms. Calcium is one of the macro minerals, means required in higher amounts. An adult needs around 600 mg of calcium every day.

One of the important fact is, calcium is present in our body in bones. So whenever we have less calcium in our diet, calcium is leeched out of the bones to fulfill the requirement. This leads to weakening of bones.

Also, when we eat acidic foods like grains, pulses, milk, eggs, fish; etc., acidic environment is created in our body. To balance that, we should eat equal amount of alkaline food like fruits and vegetables.
But, if not eaten, then our body will leech out calcium from our bones to maintain the alkaline level (as calcium is alkaline in natural). This also weakens our skeletal system leading to osteoporosis.

Hence, to maintain sufficient amount of calcium intake in our food is very important. If you are not able to fulfill through food, then you should definitely take help of calcium supplements, as we do during pregnancy and lactation.

For better absorption, different types of calcium are taken at different times:

a. Calcium carbonate: It has to be taken immediately after meals, i.e. after breakfast or lunch or dinner because it requires acidic medium in digestive system to get absorb. This happens when we eat food, as acids are released only when we eat food.

b. Calcium citrate: It has to be taken empty stomach or at bed time, i.e. after 2 hours of dinner. Calcium citrate itself is acidic in nature. Hence, doesn’t require acidic medium for absorption. If taken with meals, then it will bind with the fibres and reduce the absorption.

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