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One of the common questions asked is, which oil should be used for cooking ?

Whether we should keep changing oils ?

Whether we should use combination of oils ?

And, the answer is that there is NO NEED to change the cooking oil.

Logic is to select one of the best oil and keep using it round the year.

Oil which is good for health, is the one which is high in MUFA, Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Such oils are thick, but liquid in nature at room temperature.

We need to avoid other oils which are high in saturated fatty acids like palm oil, vegetable oil, etc. These oils are thick at room temperature. These are difficult to digest and more often get stored in the form of fats rather than utilise as energy.

Then there are some oils, rich in PUFA, Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. These type of oils are comparatively thinner than MUFA. Such oils are easily digested and absorbed. When taken in excess, creates inflammation in body.

Hence, we need oils which are not very thick and not very thin like MUFA rich oils.

And the best options for MUFA rich oils, which are good for using as cooking oils are:

Olive oil
Canola oil
Rice bran oil
Filtered groundnut oil
Sesame oil

Well, whilst we select a healthy option, it should be taken only as per the requirement. Healthy cooking oil also, if taken in MORE quantity, can be harmful.

Hope you found this useful !! 🙂

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