Why do we get sweet cravings ?

To understand why we get sweet cravings, first understand what is sweet craving?

Sweet cravings means when our body demands food which are extremely sweet, means food which are high in glycemic index. Hence, they will be absorbed immediately and raise our blood sugar levels.

Our brain works on glucose. So when blood sugar level falls then the normal level, body needs immediate sugar which will raise the levels and body and brain gets glucose to work.

Now, why sugar levels fall below normal range…..there are various reasons.
But the common reason is long gaps in our meals.

When we skip our breakfast or any meals or have a long gap between our meals, the sugar level drops. Now, after long gaps when we have our meal with complex carbs like roti, rice, bhakri, dosa, etc, it takes long for digestive system to digest and convert it into glucose. Our brain can’t wait for so long.So though we have a complete meal, still our body looks for some sweet food that is fast absorbed and immediately digested raising our glucose levels. So, after having our proper lunch also we look for chocolates, raisins,dates, figs, or any form of sweets.

So, if we are able to maintain our glucose levels through out the day, then we will not crave for sweets.

10 ways to stay away from sugar cravings:

  1. Don’t skip your breakfast.
  2. Have meals at regular intervals.
  3. Have small meals rather than large meals.
  4. Include complex carbohydrates rather than refined ones.
  5. Hydrate yourself throughout the day rather than drinking too much water at a time.
  6. Have sufficient sleep.
  7. Take out time for activities.
  8. Keep a check on your vitamins, if needed can take supplements.
  9. Don’t go NO carbohydrates diet.
  10. Limit consumption of sweets.

Stay healthy !! 😊

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