Factors Affecting Calcium Absorption..

The amount of calcium that we eat, need not be the amount of calcium that gets absorbed because there are certain factors, which may hinder or enhance the absorption of calcium. Only the amount absorbed, will be used for physiological functions like bone mineralization or to limit bone loss.

  1. Age influences the absorption of calcium. It is highest in infancy, nearly 60%, followed by adolescent period. Hence, give your kids calcium rich food and achieve max calcium deposition which will decide their bone health when they age.
  2. Calcium is poorly absorbed from foods rich in oxalic acid or phytic acid, which are present in the husk of many cereals, as well as, in nuts, seeds and legumes. Calcium absorption from phytic acid rich grains is one half and from spinach it is only one tenth, as it high in oxalic acid.
  3. Acidic medium improves calcium absorption. Milk has lactose, which favours lactic acid bacilli in intestine which decreases the pH and favours calcium absorption.
  4. Lower the intake, higher the percentage of calcium absorbed. Thus, divide calcium rich food in different meals, rather than all food in one meal.
  5. Similarly, to increase absorption of Calcium from supplements, divide the dosage into two times, rather taking it at one go.
  6. High level of phosphorus found in soft drinks, reduces calcium absorption and on the contrary, it increases calcium loss.
  7. Good levels of Vitamin D increases calcium absorption, thus make sure to have regular sunlight and if needed take supplements.
  8. Exercise is a must for calcium absorption. So, as per one’s capacity and interest, include at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week.
  9. Avoid calcium and iron supplements together, as either of them will be absorbed less.
  10. To increase calcium absorption from grains and pulses, use food processing methods like soaking, germinating and fermenting.

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