Weight Loss Journey….

Once the weight loss journey begins, it’s fun to see losing weight every day. Each
morning there is an excitement to check weight and see it dropping day by day,
every day.
But, but….
There are some days when, though diet has been followed completely, activities
have been done properly, still there is no weight loss or on the contrary there may
be slight weight gain. And here goes down the motivation…….
Question arises?? I gave my 100%, why is there no weight loss?
So, the answer is if and only if, diet and activities are followed 100%, but still there
is no weight loss then there are many other factors also which contribute for weight
loss like……
Sometimes we may have followed diet 100% and also walk, but there may
be some compromise on water intake. It may be less or may be not at proper
intervals, because of which there may be no weight loss.
Sometimes, digestion may be slow or there may be signs of constipation. If
bowels are not clear completely this may show no weight loss. At the same
time, it may even show slightly higher weight.
3) Bloating/ Water retention:
Those who have a history of water retention, they may see slight gain in
weight, due to retention of water. This may be due to various reasons. But
it’s a temporary rise in weight and once metabolism improves, gradually it
will not show a rise. Similarly, bloating, gas etc. also has weight. If due to
indigestion, there is gas formation, it may show false high weight.
4) Sleep/Stress:
Sleep is one of the hidden factors, though diet and physical activity play a more
important role. Lack of sleep is indirect stress to the body and will not allow
weight loss; scale will get stuck at the same point. So, finding the cause and
working on it will help move the scale ahead.
5) Meal Timings: Sometimes diet may be followed 100%. But just due to
change in meal timings, like late dinner, may be a temporary show of
increase in weight the next day.
In short, if diet and activities followed 100%; then not to worry about
temporary gain in weight. As there are many other factors which contribute
to weight loss. If you are following 100% weight loss will occur.
Similarly, whenever there is plateau or weight stuck at a number, give body
some time. As there are two changes happening in the body when one is on
weight loss journey i.e. Weight loss and Fat loss or Inch loss.
Whenever on a diet some weeks there will be more weight loss. One may
feel weight loss happening every day and also see that on scale. But, may
not see much inch loss.
Same way, on other days one may notice a lot of inch loss, but there is no
change on weighing scale and this may be demotivating.
So, here one needs to understand that if, diet and physical activity are
followed properly some change in the body is definitely happening and one
can see the result in the form of inch loss or weight loss.
So, never get demotivate, that though I am following a perfect diet, but there
is no change in weight.

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