Cereals List for Fat Loss

A. Whole grain cereals:

The best options in Cereals for Fat loss are Whole grain cereals as mentioned below:

However, the quantity and timings of whole grain cereals in the diet will depend upon each person’s carbohydrate requirement.

1. Whole wheat flour
2. Jowar flour
3. Bajra flour

Food preparation examples:
Roti or Phulka, Bhakri, Khakhra, Thepla, Thalipeeth (Mix whole grain cereal flours).

4. Oats
Food preparation examples:
Porridge, Dosa, Idli, Soup, Pancake, Masala oats, Oats khicdi

5. Nachni (Ragi)
Food preparation examples:
Roti or Phulka, Bhakri, Porridge, Khakhra, Dosa, Idli

6. Red or brown or black rice
Food preparation examples:
Normal rice, Veg pulao, Veg biryani, Khicdi, Bhakri

7. Broken wheat (Dalya or lapsi)
Food preparation examples:
Dalya Porridge, Veg dalya khicdi, Veg dalya upma

8. Rajgira
Food preparation examples:
Rajgira bhakri, Rajgira roti, Bhakri, Thepla, Dry rajgira chiwda

9. Barley
Food preparation examples:
Barley dosa, Barley salad, Barley khicdi

10. Quinoa
Food preparation examples:
Quinoa dal khicdi, Quinoa umpa or salad or pulav

11. Buckwheat
Food preparation examples:
Buckwheat milk porridge, Buck wheat pancake, Buckwheat sprouted moong khicdi

12. Millets like barnyard and kodo (sanva and kodra)
Food preparation examples:
Millets khicdi with dal, Millets upma

B. Refined or High starch cereals:

High starch cereals should be completely excluded from diet.

Below is the list of such cereals and related food preparations which should be excluded:
1. White rice
2. Polished rice
3. Rice flour

Food preparations examples:
White rice, Rice bhakri, Rice roti, Puffed rice (kurmura), Poha (rice flakes), Poha chiwda, Rice vermicelli upma, Rice dhokla, Rice Khichu, Neer dosa, Pulao, Fried rice, Schezwan rice.

4. Rice dal mixture
Food preparation examples:
Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Appam, Medu wada, Khichdi, Handvo.

5. Corn (Makai)
Food preparation examples:
Corn, Corn flour, Popcorn, Corm flakes, Makki di roti, Tacos, Nachos, Boiled sweet corn, Corn starch (used as a binding source).

6. Semolina (Rawa) – Refined wheat
Food preparation examples:
Rawa dosa, Idli, Rawa upma, Sheera, Ladoo, Kheer, Sevai (Vermicili), Semolina pasta.

7. Refined flour from Wheat (Maida)
Food preparation examples:
White bread, Biscuits, Cookies, Naan, Kulcha, Roomali roti, Noodles, Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Maida puri, Bhature, Sweet shakarpara.

8. Fasting cereals: Sabudana, Varai (Bhagar), Sama
Food preparation examples:
Sabudana khichdi, Sabudana wada / wafers, Varai khichdi, Varai kheer, Varai dosa, Sama chawal, Sama Idli, Sama dosa, Sama khichdi.

9. Lotus seeds (Makhana)
Food preparation examples:
Roasted makhana, Makhana kheer.

10. Couscous
Food preparation examples:
Couscous salad, Couscous upma.

C. Whole grain cereals or Cereal products which can be used in limited quantity:

These can be used occasionally as an alternate option, in case of urgency when none of the Whole grain options mentioned in Option A above are available:

1. Ready to eat cereals:
Examples: Museli, Special K, wheat flakes, flavoured oats, Weetabix / Oatibix breakfast cereals.
2. Whole wheat bread, Multi grain bread, Whole wheat pasta
3. Protein or Cereal bars

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