Sweet dish for fat loss diet

As many of you would have experienced that people on fat loss diet need to strictly stay away from sugar and it’s products.
During this phase, people miss their sweets… 🙂 specially during festive season and also those who have a sweet tooth.

In such situations some of them also cheat…which affects their work out results achieved through strenous physical excercise like weight training or HIIT or cardio.

So…to satisfy your sweet tooth, I have made one of the traditional sweets, DUDHI HALWA, with the help of stevia drops and no sugar or jaggery or artificial sweetners.

Stevia drops are naturally made from stevia plant which has no colour or flavour or preservatives added. 1 drop of stevia is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Dudhi halwa can be made with dudhi, skimmed milk, nuts, cardamom, with the same traditional method. Once water evaporates, add stevia drops as per your taste.

Finally what you eat is halwa which is full of paneer, rich in casein protein and dudhi which is rich in fibre and has very low glycemic index. Which means, after eating this halwa, it will not raise your blood sugar levels, though sweet in taste.

Above dish can easily be enjoyed by people on fat loss diet or people having diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS or anyone who wants to stay healthy and wants to enjoy a stupendous, sumptuous, delicious and lip-smacking dish !

Do enjoy !!

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