1. Try having small and frequent meals as planned in your diet.
  2. Do not skip any of the meals.
  3. Preferably keep portion size of cooking oil 4-5tsp/d.
  4. Have at least 2-3 L of fluid per day.
  5. Regarding milk, Skimmed milk is the richest source of protein,
    with zero fat. If not, then preferably use low-fat double-toned
    or toned milk.
  6. Try to limit the sugar intake as much as possible, as it is nothing
    but empty calories.
  7. Some of the fruits like chickoo, custard apples, grapes, mango,
    and fruit juices are high in sugar, so preferably have whole
  8. Try avoiding Starchy vegetables like- potato, suran, arbi,
    arrowroot, and corn flour, which will increase the carbohydrate
    portion size.
  9. Avoid bad quality fats like butter, mawa, cheese, vanaspati,
    dalda, and cream.
  10. Avoid Bakery items like toast, biscuits, Khari, cakes,
    pastries and fried items that are high in trans fatty acids.
  11. Avoid foods high in salt papad, pickle, ketchup, and
    sauces, which leads to water retention and bloating, due to
    high amounts of Sodium.
  12. For rotis, you can have wheat roti or millet roti or
    multigrain roti or if advised, can have rice also. Important is to
    follow the portion sizes and meal sequencing.
  13. Similarly, for dal, you can have any dal like moong dal,
    yellow dal or masoor dal or tur dal or whichever you like.
  14. Regarding vegetables also, you can have any green
    vegetable of your liking, from the list shared.
  15. Most important thing is while replacing the meals, make
    sure that the portion size is maintained, so calories are not
    exceeded nor reduced.
  16. Prepare curry with less oil and without coconut or any
    other nuts and cream.
  17. While having meat, select lean meat like egg whites and
    chicken breast and preferably have it in baked or grilled or
    steamed form.

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