Vegan Sources of Calcium

A vegan diet contains only plants such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits and the foods made from plants. You can get most of the nutrients you need from eating a varied and balanced vegan diet.

Calcium is needed for strong and healthy bones and teeth. Non vegans get most of their calcium from dairy foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt but vegans get it from other sources.

The various vegan sources of calcium are:-

  • TOFU

One cup of tofu contains 870 mg of calcium and also the absorption rate is same as that of milk. In addition to calcium tofu also contains 20 g of protein per cup.


Navy beans are a very good source of calcium; 306 mg per cup in raw beans and 126 mg per cup in case of boiled).

Black beans can also be a good choice as raw form contains 294 mg of calcium whereas boiled form contains 102 mg calcium per cup.


One cup of chopped and boiled collard greens contains nearly 268 mg of calcium whereas its raw form contains about 84 mg of calcium.

  • KALE

Whether used in a smoothie, or baked or eaten with salad; it is always a good source as raw greens contains 101 mg whereas cooked form contains 94 mg of calcium.


Whole almonds contain 378 mg of calcium whereas one tablespoon of almond butter contains 56 mg of calcium and unsweetened almond milk contains 250 mg calcium per cup.


Product made from soy is a good source as it contains 184 mg of calcium per cup.


One shredded cup of Chinese cabbage contains 158 mg of calcium when it is boiled whereas raw contains 74 milligrams of calcium.


Just one tablespoon contains 88 mg of calcium and one tablespoon of tahini which is made from toasted ground hulled sesame contains 6 mg of calcium.

Starting your day with an orange, will account for taking in 50 mgs of calcium. Also you can always have some calcium-fortified orange juice to take in even more of the mineral.

  • OKRA (Ladies’ Fingers)

Okra—also known as ladies’ fingers— contains 124 mgs of calcium per cup of boiled slices.


Well, it’s time to bring the veggie back into your life. One diced cup contains 105 mgs of calcium.

Hope this was useful !! 🙂

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