Easy & Effective way to lose weight

Well, there are many different diet plans to lose weight. This really confuses everyone as to which one to follow.
But as per my experience, rather than what to eat, More important is how much to eat.

Portion size plays a very important role in gaining as well as losing weight.

So you follow any diet plan, what’s important is to reduce portion size of your meal.

Now, how to do that !

Here, I have explained an easy way as to how to reduce your portion size of every meal.

Throughout the day, generally people have three big meals; i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and in between there are small meals.

Important is how to make your big meal into small meal.

Whenever you want to cut down your portion size, you are supposed to cut down your portion size of carbohydrates in your meals.

Carbohydrates means, it can be roti, rice, bhakri, thepla, idli, dosa, dholka, oats, ragi brown rice, jowar, bajra, rajgira, varai or sabudana or any form of grains like bread, khakhra, pasta, noddles; etc.
Important is to cut down carbohydrates as when these are taken in more amount, they get stored in the body in the form of fats.

Once you have less carbohydrates, those will be used in the form of energy and nothing will convert into fats.

So whenever you are thinking of having any form of carbohydrates, follow these 3 steps and then touch your carbs and see the magic 😊 :

Step 1:
Whenever you feel hungry, you need to drink a glass of water and quench your thirst.
This is because hunger and thirst are two important feelings which have a very thin line of difference for our mind to identify.
Once you have a glass of water and wait for sometime, you will realise whether you are hungry or it was only the thirst.

Also to make the water more nutrient rich, following can be added to water:
• Lemon
• Cinnamon
• Jeera or Cumin seeds
• Jaljeera
• Sauf
• Chia seeds
• For more insights, read here:


Step 2:
After following Step 1, if you still feel that you are really hungry and need to have your meal, then first have a bowl of FIBRE.

Fibre means any vegetables taken in raw form. Anything eaten raw will take time to digest and will stay in your stomach for longer period.

This will keep you full for more time because of which you will not feel hungry soon again. Also fibre keeps you full and will help you to reduce your intake of carbohydrates.

How much to eat:
Multiple your weight in kgs. by 50 and that much grams you should try to eat.
For example: if you weigh 80 kgs., then 80 x 5 = 400 gms.
So one should try to eat 400 gms. of raw salad.
Initially, it may seem difficult but gradually if one is dedicated, you can easily eat
some of the following options:
• Tomatoes
• Cucumbers
• Capsicum
• Onions
• Carrots
• Radish
• Raw Beet root
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Spinach
• Cherry tomatoes
• Lettuce
• For more insights, read here:


Try to have vegetables of different colours which will provide different vitamins and minerals.

Step 3:
As per Ayurveda, in order to have a balance meal, one should divide your stomach into three parts:
• Half portion should be solid
• One fourth portion should be liquid
• Other one fourth portion should be left free for air
So, third step is to have one fourth portion of liquid. To achieve this, you need to have 1 bowl of liquid. It has to be diluted like:
• Dal water
• Moong water
• Diluted vegetable soup
• Buttermilk
• Diluted kadhi
• Vegetable juice

All the three steps are done and see the magic !

Almost 50 percent of your stomach is filled..

Now you can look at your carbs. Definitely the portion size will reduce and eventually you will start losing your fats and weight too.

Happy Losing & All the best !!

P.S: These are general Weight loss guidelines for your knowledge. It is always advisable to follow under proper guidance.

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