Can I have Dates instead of Sugar ?

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What time of the day can we eat dates, honey, jaggery, brown sugar, sweets; etc. and it doesn’t increase fat percentage !

In my practice, one of the common question asked is can I have dates instead of sugar?

Or while taking diet history, some clients specify that they have switched to organic jaggery instead of sugar.

Now, the question is, whether I can have dates or jaggery while on fat loss….

If you see jaggery, dates, honey… all are natural forms of sugar. These are high in minerals. But in terms of calories, they have SAME calories as regular refined sugar.

So, taking natural forms of sugar is good for overall health, but it won’t help you in reducing your fat or weight.

Hence, let it be any form of sugars, when it comes to FAT LOSS, one has to avoid it.

Okay, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it at all.

There is one condition where you can have sweets and it doesn’t put on your fat percentage.

Condition is to do an hour of moderate to high intensity workout like brisk walk, running, jogging, zumba, aerobics, strength training; etc.

What happens is, whenever one does long duration activity, it burns all of your glycogen storage (the form in which body stores glucose in our body), hence whatever form of sugars you eat (like dates or figs or jaggery) after such activity, it will be absorbed and converted into glycogen and not as FATS. This glycogen will not go into fat storage, but will be utilised as a source of energy.

Opposite to this, if sweets are eaten immediately after meals or any other time of the day, they will directly get stored in the form of fats, as glycogen storage is full will the meals eaten.

Also, there is a general tendency to eat such foods first and then people try to compensate the same by doing brisk walk, high intensity workout; etc later. This is a misunderstanding !

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